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Joanna Hairabedian

Joanna and her husband, Dr. David have a beautiful love story of how their individual journeys of personal transformation led them to each other in a successful marriage. Married in 2014, they minister nationally and internationally, working in three capacities of emotional, spiritual and physical health arenas.

  • International Speaker and Minister
  • TV Broadcast Producer and Host
  • Women Conference Speaker and Host
  • Former Ms. America 2019-2021
In the field of physical health, they are dedicated educators and advocates for alternative frequency therapies and bio-hacking your body. Creating awareness for holistic wellness, increased energy, and improved sleep. www.centropix.us/buy.

In the spiritual domain, Joanna and Dr. David are the Co-founders of VirtualChurchMedia.com. Pioneers in the realm of online virtual churches since 2014, they offer faith-based teachings, podcasts, e-books, audio books, shows, and a comprehensive one-year Bible reading program through their state-of-the- art phone app. Click [Get the App].

No stranger to TV, Joanna and her husband has been hosted on shows such as Sid Roth’s, It’s Supernatural, the 700 club and various others. For several years they produced a TV Broadcast called, In His Presence, Where All Things Are possible, on Direct TV to millions of homes. Their show is currently hosted to Canyon Star TV, Authentic TV and Cross TV to over a hundred million homes.

In the emotional health arena, Joanna founded Women of Royalty™, Reveal the Diamond Within, a platform committed to empowering girls and women of all ages in their self-confidence and inner identity. It celebrates the radiance and brilliance that resides within every woman, fostering a community of empowered individuals who shine brightly and inspire others to do the same.

Comments like Elyse D. has a resonating, familiar theme from the women who attend Joanna’s events, “I was touched to the core from what I experienced at the crowning ceremony. There’s something very special when a woman receives a crown to remind her who she is. I will never be the same.

Joanna shares principles gleaned from her personal journey to help women break free from depression, shame, limiting mindsets, and find the right partner. Her latest book, 7 Mistakes Women Make that Repel Good Men (and How to Reverse Them!) is a timeless guide to attracting and maintaining healthy relationships.

Women of Royalty™, Reveal the Diamond Within offers a wealth of resources, including educational materials, online coaching program, conferences, workshops, clothing, and the "Reveal the Diamond Within Podcasts" and TV Broadcasts. The future may even include a Pageant.
As a three-time titleholder, including the prestigious title of former Ms. America 2019-21, Joanna's heavenly vision of being crowned in heaven has driven her to use her crown and title as instruments of empowerment and identity restoration for women of all ages. Keep an eye out for her upcoming book, delving into the divine heavenly vision that transformed her life!

Joanna is not only an author but also a talented Psalmist and Composer. She employs a unique blend of music, interactive drama, and traditional conference- style sessions at her events to foster healing, breakthrough and empowerment for women. You can download her latest soul-stirring CD, "Deeper Waters," from their mobile app. [Get the App]

Join Joanna and Dr. David on their journey of empowering individuals across the emotional, spiritual, and physical health spectrums, inspiring transformation and celebrating the brilliance within every person.Insert your text here