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Joanna Hairabedian

Joanna is widely recognized for her ability to help women uncover their unique inner gem, a process she coined Reveal the Diamond Within.® Every woman has beautiful facets on the inside, that when uncovered causes them to “sparkle” and “shine." She empowers women to uncover their inner beauty and confidence. Having overcome personal challenges and traumas, she brings heartfelt understanding to her teachings. Joanna often humorously refers to her experiences as earning a PhD from the University of "Ouch That Hurt Now What?" A three-time national pageant titleholder, she uses her platform to encourage women to shine. Her transformative impact is echoed in testimonials from her students like Jane Marie: who experienced profound personal growth and newfound happiness in relationships after applying Joanna's Reveal the Diamond Within® practical applications. Joanna and her husband, Dr. David Hairabedian, found their happily ever after and have been married for ten years. They have a beautiful partnership and teach others to do the same. They focus on uplifting and impacting lives globally, reinforcing the power of a healthy mindset and emotional resilience.

  • International Speaker and Minister
  • TV Broadcast Producer and Host
  • Women Conference Speaker and Host
  • Former Ms. America 2019-2021